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Rabbit Hunting

Rabbits are small mammals found in most parts of the world There are several animals that are classified in the rabbit family, they include: the european rabbit, the cottontail rabbit, the amami rabbit, and several others. They are not rodents, as they may appear, but are actually members of the order lagomorpha. A healthy rabbit can live upwards of fifteen years. Rabbits, unlike dogs or cats, do not go into heat seasonally, and the female rabbit is ready to breed at any time.

Rabbits have been used for food and also hunted for sport in Western counties for thousands of years. The first chronicled by the Phoenicians before 1000 B.C. They are both hunted in the wild, and also raised in captivity on rabbit farms for meat. Rabbit meat is an excellent source of protein, and can be used much in the same way that chicken is used. The meat is lower in fat content than chicken, beef, or pork. In England, the meat can be obtained readily at local butcher shops, where it is hung out unskinned to dry and age, much the same way a pheasant is.

THe hunting of rabbits is usually accomplished by spreading nets wide over the area where their burrows are, called a warren, and sending dogs down the rabbit holes to flush then out. Only certain breeds of dogs are qualified to accomplish this task. The dog must be small enough to go down the hole, yet ferocious enough to kill cornered rabbit if needed. For the purposes of rabbit hunting, a terrier is best. Terriers are adept at finding the den of rabbits, and also the capture, chasing down, or killing of the rabbit.