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Sniper Gear

The sniper is equipped with three things: A sniper rifle, ammunition and camouflage. Utilizing these three essential items, a sniper is able to hit targets as far away as a mile and a half.

The sniper's rifle is not the same as an ordinary hunting rifle. Since the 1960's, sniper rifles have been built specifically for sniping. Modifications have been made to it's design over the years to make it less susceptible to heat. In most cases, the wooden stock has been replaced by fiberglass or some other composite material to reduce warping from heat or moisture. A true sniper rifle will also feature a "floating barrel". This refers to a barrel that is connected to the stock as little as possible. This reduces vibration when shooting. Special optics are also added to a sniper rifle. A telescopic lens capable of thirty times magnification is usually used. Also, a sniper rifle needs a flash suppressor, hit hide a sniper's location when he makes his shot. They also equipped with a bipod to add to ease of shooting while lying prone. These rifles most likely are "matchgrage" meaning they have been fine tuned by a master gunsmith for increased accuracy.

Ammunition used by a sniper is not the same run-of-the-mill ammunition that is sold to civilians in stores. Most sniper ammunition is hand made by gunsmiths and, as a result, "matchgrade" Many different caliber of cartridge can be used in sniping, but it is commonly recognized that the caliber fifty and above are preferred by professionals.

The most important component of a sniper's gear is his ghillie suit. This is suit made from a Battle Dress Uniform, to which strips of canvas have been attached to the front, and a strong mesh across the back. A sniper on the stalk will incorporate bits of the surrounding environment into his ghillie suit suit to complete his camouflage.