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Sniper Guns

The sniper has three pieces of equipment: his gun, his ammunition, and camouflage. Of these, the sniper gun and ammunition are the most important, as a good sniper could hypothetically shoot a target while far enough away not to be noticed, even without camouflage. A sniper's gun, with it's special modifications can reach targets up to a mile and a half away.

A sniper gun has come to be described as any rifle used by the police or armed forces to hit targets that are modified to hit objects that are out of the range of regular rifle or small arms fire. Typically, a sniper gun is chambered for a military centrefire cartridge, which is a round in which the primer, or impact sensitive material which causes the round to fire, is in the center of the case head, as opposed to a rim fire cartridge, in which the primer is located at the rim. The most important component of a sniper's gun is it's telescopic sight. An ideal sniper scope will also be equipped with a powerful scope which is capable of sighting in targets at phenomenal distances. Levels of magnification in the scopes vary.

Sniper guns can have two different types of action. Sniper guns can either be Bolt-action or semiautomatic. A bolt action sniper gun is less expensive to make and easier to maintain. Bolt action sniper guns are thought to be more accurate, due to the fact that they have less moving parts than a semiautomatic sniper gun. The bolt action sniper gun is also considered to be more reliable, as there are less parts to jam up.