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Sniper Paintball Guns

It has long been disputed whether so called "sniper" paint ball guns are any better suited for sniping functions in a paint ball match than regular paint ball markers are. Some players attest that there is "no such thing" as a paint ball sniper, only a paint ball player that incorporates some of the same sniper ghillie suits and stalking techniques used by snipers. Some would-be paint ball snipers equip their sniper paint ball guns with longer than average barrels. This modification is thought to increase accuracy and distance only by up to twenty percent. Since there is a safety cap of three-hundred feet per second, nothing can be done to increase the muzzle velocity of the sniper paint ball gun and it still be safe for use against other players.

Recently, however, some specialized equipment has been brought to the table to correct this apparent lack of a defining sniper paint ball guns. "The special ops q-bow complete" is is an example of one of these next generation sniper paint ball guns that have been designed with the paint ball sniper in mind. This gun and many others seek to fill the gap left by substandard sniper paint ball markers. One of the features they have improved upon is the magazine. Previously to this design, the hopper was attached to the top of the weapon and obstructed the view. The Q-bow complete fixes this problem by implementing a front attached, spring loaded magazine. Now you can use whatever kind of scope that is compatible with the rail system of your rifle.