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Of the features present on a sniper rifle, perhaps the most important other than the rifle camo is the sniper's scope. A scope gives a sniper the ability to engage mission critical targets at great distances because it gives the sniper a greatly magnified target. The specially made sniper scopes are often times four to forty times more powerful than standard telescopic lenses. Most times, the lens of the sniper scope will be marked with measurements that help the the sniper judge his distance from the target and thus, make a more informed shot. It must be taken into account the path a bullet takes is curved, in a constant fall towards the earth. The lines inside a scope make it possible to judge this arc.

Hunting rifles also sometimes employ scopes. This does not make them by any means, a sniper rifle. A sniper rifle also has other features that make it able to hit targets at extreme distances. For instance, most sniper rifles have had their wood stock replaced with one made of a composite material, like fiberglass. This reduces any warping that is prone to happen when wood is exposed to extremes of heat and moisture. Another feature that differentiates a sniper rifle from a common hunting rifle is it's floating barrel. The barrel of a sniper rifle is attached to the stock in as few places as possible, which reduces the amount of vibration that the shot produces. A sniper rifle is also match grade, which means it has been inspected and modified by a master gunsmith to achieve the highest levels of accuracy.