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Sniper Training

While it is true that countless thousands of rounds will be expended on the range by sniper school candidates during the course of their training, much time will also be spent in classrooms learning about physics. Due to the shape and speed of bullets, and the effects on the bullet from gravity as it spirals towards it's target, give the bullet an arced trajectory. The sniper must learned to compensate for this downward pull on the bullet, by doing calculations that take into account wind, range, elevation, humidity, and other factors.

There are many skills must be gained as well to be an effective sniper, such as, the ability to live for long periods in the field without supplies. A sniper in the field, will be without his support network. This means that he is completely dependent on his environment for food and shelter.

During their sniper training, the snipers are taught to utilize ghillie suits. Sniper ghillie suits are specially modified outfits that are used for the purpose of concealment. It is most likely made from a pair of BDU's with strips of canvas attached to the front, and a strong mesh on the back. The sniper adds bits of vegetation to complete the illusion.

There are several schools that teach sniping. The one that is held widely as the finest of these is the United States Marine Corps. Sniper Scout school. Several other branches of the military send their sniper candidates here to train to be snipers as well. There are private security firms that offer sniper training as well. Some of these are Blackwater International and McMillian sniper school.