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Stalker Ghillie Poncho

Stalker Ghillie Poncho
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Item # GSO-400569

When patience is important, a Stalker Ghillie Suit is the way to go! The front covers the torso while the back is completely covered when crawling or laying down. It is very similar to the full Ghillie Poncho, except the legs are left exposed for extra mobility while crouching, crawling, or stalking. Stalker Ghillie suits are treated with flame retardant and weigh only 6 pounds. The nylon netting has 1x 1 squares with multiple jute and threads attached to them. It has sleeves that cover the arms and an attached hood. One size fits all and it can be trimmed to the most comfortable length. The Stalker Ghillie Poncho also makes a great Paintball Ghillie Suit.