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Part of the attraction of airsoft guns to airsoft enthusiasts is that the airsoft weapons are usually painstaking reproductions of actual weapons. Some airsoft manufacturing companies go so far as to build their guns out of actual metal. This adds to the realism already achieved by the scale replicas. In some cases, the weapon that the airsoft gun is designed after is not available to the public in the form of an actual firearm. For example, one of the more popular airsoft guns ina replica of the H&K p90, a new generation compact sub machine gun that is completely unavailable to the public. as well as cutting edge firearms, makers of airsoft guns have made airsoft versions of historical weapons as well. For instance, a popular model of airsoft gun is designed after the thompson sub machine gun.

The first Thompson sub machine gun was invented in 1919, but the first model appeared in 1921, and was manufactured by Colt. Tommy guns first became famous during United States Prohibition. If you have ever seen a gangster movie set during prohibition, then you have seen a thompson submachine gun. They are easily identified by their circular magazine. During prohibition they were the weapon of choice for bootleggers. It is thought that they were the weapon used in the Saint Valentines Day Massacre. They were used by both police and criminals. Widespread use and commercial success didn't occur until nearly 20 years later, during World War II and in the Korean war. Thompson Auto Ordinance makes an airsoft replica of the Thompson sub machine gun that shoots up to 300 feet per second