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Tracker Ghillie Poncho

Tracker Ghillie Poncho
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Item # GSO-400570

The Tracker ghillie suit is made for high mobility by covering the top half of the body and leaving the legs exposed. Much like the Chameleon Head and Torso Suit,it is designed for fast paced stalking and kneeling when you don't really need your legs hidden. One size fits all.

The Tracker ghillie suit has long sleeves for your arms and a roomy hood that covers the head and torso in the front and back. Made of 100% nylon netting that weighs in at 4.5 lbs. of pre-cut and dyed Jute threads sewn on. Put on a pair of Sniper BDU Pants to complete this ghillie suit kit for total camouflage. Great for bird hunters or for those who like shooting from kneeling positions.

Available in several patterns. Woodland pattern shown with optional Rifle Wrap.