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Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is a type of hunting that is not for impatient hunters. To those who want their hunting to be easy requiring little effort and gear will find turkey hunting a too difficult a game.

Turkeys are most active in the early morning. This is when the male turkey will make his call without provocation, in an attempt to attract any eligible females who may be in the area. From it's perch in a tall tree, the male turkey (called a tom) gobbles at daylight. Gobbles from the roost can often be provoked by making a call like an owl. The gobble serves to attract hens, which is the term for female turkeys. The hen will answer with purrs. When the tom hears these purrs he will move to the ground and display his plumage in an attempt to attract the female. In most cases the female comes to the male. Unfortunately for the turkey hunter, the male doesn't come to the female, who in our case, is a hunter making a turkey call resembling the female purring. Most of the time the puzzled tom continues to strut, showing his plumage to the nonexistent hen.

The turkey hunter has to be very patient and very well equipped, as the turkey is a notoriously wary quarry. A hunter who chooses to hunt turkeys must employ the best camouflage he can. Some hunters have gone so far as to use ghillie suits of the same type used by marine snipers. Also hunters may want to use scent masking agents to cover the human smell. As turkey's don't really leave the spot they are in, and expect the females to come to them, a hunter who expects to bag a turkey must be mobile.