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Ultra-light Ghillie Suit

Ultra-light Ghillie Suit
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Item # GSO-105167
Long Jacket?

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Our new line of ULTRA-LIGHT camouflage is substantially more comfortable and just as effective as a traditional ghillie suit. In fact the US Army field tested and found the Ultra-light ghillie suits equaled or surpassed burlap/jute ghillies in every category. We designed a light-weight synthetic string material that cuts the weight of our suits to 3.5 pounds. This new product is scentless hand-washable non-allergenic fire water and mildew resistant. Drawstring pants. These new suits are available in either a long jacket style or a seperate jacket and pants combination. Jacket and Pants style is similar to our original Ghillie Jacket and Pants set, but made with the lighter and softer synthetic materials. Also available in a Long Jacket style.

Regular Jacket Length: Waist
Long Jacket Length: Head to Boot (64 inches)
Pattern Displayed: Woodland

Pant Sizes: M/L range of 32-42" Waist
Jacket Sizes: M/L range of 38-48" Chest