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White Tail Deer Hunting

Deer are hunted with a rifle, shotgun, or bow and arrows. Bow hunting has a separate season than gun hunting. Still other hunters choose to hunt with primitive weapons, such as a musket and black powder. Depending on the type of weapon you are using, and your particular taste in deer hunting, there are several different styles of deer hunting.

One of the more common ways to hunt deer is to set up a tree stand in an area that is known to have deer in it and wait. Another way is to run a team of dogs through the woods, and chase the deer towards the area where hunters have set up, and are waiting for them. Another way is to walk through the woods actively looking for deer. This type of deer hunting can be seen portrayed in the Robert Deniro movie: "The Deer Slayer."

Camouflage is critically important when hunting white tailed deer. A hunter must make certain that his camouflage is appropriate for the region and terrain that he is hunting in. For instance, the camouflage necessary for hunting deer in the rockies would stand out like a sore thumb in the southwest. In addition to comprehensive camouflage, some white-tailed deer hunters have begun to employ ghillie suit of the same variety used by Marine snipers. This is the last word in camouflage, and makes the hunter nearly invisible, even at very short distances.

Hunters of white-tailed deer have to take into account the strong sense of smell of their quarry. A deer that smells a human in an area will be very skittish, as a result they will be less likely to stop and feed, giving the hunter very little chance to get a good shot. There are several scent masking agents available at hunting goods and military surplus stores. These come in a variety of scents that are all successful at hiding the hunter's smell from the quarry.